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12:31pm 06/04/2011

Shit for daddy.... Shit for daddy....

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E eu pergunto:   
06:11pm 29/11/2009
  Who let the dogs out?  
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06:27pm 03/06/2009

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Muitos anos de vida   
07:59pm 04/12/2008
  A propósito, este LJ ontem fez 8 anos.
Tô velho.
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Wishful thinking   
11:25am 03/11/2008
Death by Sports   
02:49pm 23/10/2008
Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira   
02:03pm 14/10/2008
Nokia n95   
06:31pm 09/10/2008

Testando o shozu

Posted by ShoZu

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11:12am 04/08/2008
  Testando o trutap.

Sent from my phone using trutap

07:24pm 23/07/2008
That is just wrong.   
12:36pm 23/07/2008
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WTF of the day   
11:23am 18/07/2008
Booh yah!   
10:10am 15/07/2008

What would you do with your money?

I have to start doing this to ppl around here =D   
02:45pm 14/07/2008
03:22pm 03/07/2008
I would go there   
01:22pm 03/07/2008

Martial Arts School
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Keep out of there   
01:18pm 03/07/2008
I'm like a big tasty   
09:32am 03/07/2008
  How many cannibals could your body feed?
Created by OnePlusYou
Wild l(w)ife   
10:52am 01/07/2008
The Truth   
01:20pm 27/06/2008
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